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About Catherine Sinclair

Post. Grad. Dip. Psychology

Grad. Dip Psychology
BA (Communications)

Phd Candidate - Western Sydney University, Centre for Health Research


I am a registered psychologist (since 2005) and have an extensive background (over 16 years) in somatic psychotherapy, meditation practices and personal growth.


My training and experience in these disciplines informs my therapeutic approach and allows me to have an holistic understanding of what makes us human and how to bring about healing and change.


I have additional training in working with people who have experienced trauma and abuse, those who are grieving a loss, and people experiencing anxiety, as well as a variety of therapeutic approaches such as: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), trauma focused psychological therapy, ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), IST - Inner Space techniques (the form of meditation based somatic psychotherapy I practice) and various other forms of mindfulness based somatic psychotherapy.


I have taught meditation and personal development classes and intensive courses and given lectures for groups of 4-150 people throughout Europe, Asia and Australia and have worked with people of many different cultural backgrounds.


As a psychologist I have worked in private practice and in Employee Assistance Programs providing counselling, attendance at traumatic incidents in workplaces and facilitating workplace mental health trainings. I have worked in crisis counselling organisations and in occupational rehabilitation with people who have had a workplace injury.


My background in meditation, mindfulness and the basis of my somatic psychotherapy work comes from working with Dr Samuel Sagan who started the Clairvision School of meditation. This is a secular and experiential approach to meditation and personal growth. I have a daily meditation and mindfulness practice and have undertaken a number of longer retreats (up to 3 months). I believe that this background allows me to be more present and compassionate for my clients, has amplified my sense of humour and has given me a deep understanding of human nature and the therapeutic process.


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